Floor Graphics – Arrow or X – Low Pricing, In-Stock


  • “X” & arrows are great to help with guiding your parishioners within the church.
  • Floor graphics recommended for indoor use only.
  • Can be used for both most untextured surfaces and carpet
  • IN-STOCK, ships quickly!
  • Size: 7″ x 7″
  • Click here for a custom quote.
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1 - 10 $6.00
11 - 20 $5.25
21 - 30 $4.75
31 - 40 $4.25
41+ $4.00
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Most Untextured Floors + Carpet

Printed on ultra-tough polyester, the world’s first approved floor graphic for dry toner is the fastest way to produce anti-slip certified floor graphics that are extra durable, without the need to laminate.

Dry toner floor graphic rigorously tested and certified for slip resistance with a unique sharkskin coating. It’s perfect for indoor environments and can be applied to all smooth and hard floors, including low pile carpet tiles.

Benefits include:

  • Unique sharkskin coating – R10 certified
  • Resists heavy foot traffic – from heels to trucks

Floor graphics easy to remove – all in one piece and no residue.


"X", Arrow